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GTO K-Member

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The GTO K-Members save approximately 85 lbs over a stock K-member. We have multiple options on the way you can build the kit. They start out at $1450 (this includes satin black powder coating, tubular lower control arms, and road safe ball joints) and go up depending on the package you build. You can add billet sway bar mounts, skid plate and motor mount pads. Motor mount pads are for customers using stock location motor mounts, if you are using motor plate you don't need this option. 

There is approximately a four to six week lead time for the K-Members. 

Commonly asked questions 

Q: Are you able to use stock control arms? 

A: This product comes equip with an after market control arm. It will NOT work with an OEM style control arm. 

Q: Is that rack and pinion in stock location?

A: Yes it is

Q: What year does it fit? 

A: 2004 to 2006